I have been using my Western Digital My Book hard drive fine during the past few months. Usually when I connect it to my computer, the cooling fans are especially quiet. This is perfectly normal. When today I plug in the power supply, the power light just blinks green every couple of seconds. Also I can hear a noise from the hard drive that is unfamiliar, What does this mean? Is there something wrong with the external HDD? How can I repair the problem?

An unusual noise from your hard drive could indicate that the motor is beginning to fail, or even worse, that the read/write heads have crashed into the drive’s rotating platters.

First of all, I’d suggest you try the Western Digital’s Data Lifeguard utility, available free through WDC website, can scan your hard drive for problems and will indicate if the drive might fail soon. Download and run this utility if you hear an unusual noise; by detecting a failing drive early, you give yourself sufficient time to back your important data up and get the drive replaced if it is still under warranty.

The other suggestion is that it will do this for a long time after a large dump of data to it is it is indexing the files and it does that at a very low priority level compared to its other actions.

The last suggestion from WD, which did not apply to me but may to some people, is that if you are using media sharing on your drive, the system is constantly checking for share requests. This is a function that you can turn off though fro the WD control centre.

If all the solutins won’t help, get some help from the WD website FAQs.

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