WD Data Recovery

Western Digital Data RecoveryAccidentally deleted some valuable files off your Western Digital external hard drive?
Formatted WD drive without backing up the data in advance?
Your computer is unable to access the data stored on your WD drive due to file system error?
Or your Western Digital HDD became totally corrupted, leaving all data inaccessible?

**Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to achieve DIY data recovery from Western Digital hard drive. Things to assist are: a PC (or Mac), WD data recovery software, a USB cable (for connecting your WD drive).

You Can’t Recover Lost Data from WD Hard Drive? You Heard Wrong!

If you have heard that it is impossible to perform WD data recovery on your own, it is simply not true. You can recover deleted or lost files as long as your hard drive has not re-used the directory and cataloged the information yet.

What Happens When You Deleted or Formatted Your WD Drive?

When you delete a file from your Western Digital drive, it actually stays right where it is. But its file name is removed. The file still exists however the file system (usually NTFS) is informed that the space the file used to occupy is no longer needed. Formatting your WD drive or partition is similar, only the referred information (instead of the real data) is removed. If the system needs this “free space” that this file used to occupy, then the file may be written over. If this does not take place then the file in question may still be recovered at any time.

So it is pretty clear that that deleting, formatting or use similar eraser method to get rid of files on your WD hard drive won’t make the data gone permanently.

What about My Western Digital Drive Failed or Corrupted?

It’s almost the same thing. You still have chances to recover the data. Usually a failed or crashed WD drive is caused by wrong formatting, corrupt file system or a mechanical failure etc. You are unable to access the drive, but the data are quite possible intact there. As long as your disk drive not physically damaged, chances of WD data recovery can be high.

How to Perform Western Digital Data Recovery?

First thing first – STOP using your WD drive immediately! If you continue using the disk drive, you significantly increase the risk that the files you want to recover will be lost forever due to overwritten. Every new file or action will take up more “free space” and reduce your chances of retrieving your deleted files from WD. So really, you need to act quickly.

The next step – get a good HDD data recovery software. Download and install it on your PC or Mac.

WD Data Recovery SoftwareData Recovery (for Windows & Mac) can easily recover your lost, deleted or formatted files from various Western Digital hard drives such as Elements Desktop 1 TB, My Passport Essential, Caviar Green 2 TB etc. It can recover more than 500+ file types including documents, emails, photos, videos, archives and more. Both Windows & Mac versions are provided. Note: the program performs read-only procedure, so it is 100% risk-free and won’t do any damage to your WD drive.
WD Data Recovery for Windows WD Data Recovery for Mac



The following is a step by step tutorial on how to use the program to recover your WD data.

  • Step 1: Connect your Western Digital hard drive to your computer via the USB cable.
  • Step 2: Launch the data recovery application, choose a mode (Quick Recovery, Deleted Recovery, Formatted Recovery, Search Lost Volume) and then select the disk your WD drive represents.3 Steps to Recover WD Data
  • Step 3: Click “Start Scan” button. Now an automatic scanning process will be executed for searching your lost files.
  • Step 4: Preview found files after the scan is complete.
  • Step 5: Select and recover your WD files, just like that easy.

Kind Tip
Prevention is paramount in data backup. A redundant backup scheme, preferably with an off-site copy, is the best way to prevent dealing a dead WD external hard drive. That way if there is a problem, you can restore your data and chuck the dead drive in the trash, which saves time and energy.

Though sending the WD drive away to one of the data recovery services or companies is a good idea, the price is usually high and the risk varies, particularly if you request a quick turnaround time. Unless the data is vital, this option usually is cost prohibitive.

WD Hard Drive Data Recovery – Have Your Say.

Does this article or the data recovery tool help you out & recover your WD data?
Leave your reviews and comments with others who might be suffering similar WD data loss experiences.

2 Responses to WD Data Recovery

  1. Ricky says:

    My Western Digital Fantom Drive P/N WDBAAFOO10HBK-01 failed. The power cord showed no voltage, so I purchased a new power cord. At the store, the drive turned on with
    solid blue light and the fan ran correctly. When I got home and plugged it back in, the fan did not run, and the blue light flashed. My PC would not detect the drive.
    Then I purchased a 504928 HornetTek 3.5″ aluminum ESATA/USB HDD. to try to use the drive. I removed the drive from its case and installed it in the HornetTek assembly. When I plugged it into the PC, I saw a popup saying “Found new hardware. Your hardware is installed and ready to use”, but I do not see the drive in my my computer under the C: and D: drives where it normally would appear. The blue lights are on and not blinking. Please tell me what to do now,
    I am using Windows-7.
    The device shows up as USB to Serial-ATA bridge properties when i look at Control Panel / All Control Panel Items / Devices and Printers and then right click and choose properties / hardware. It shows as WDC WD10 EADS-11M2B3 USB Device. Device Status indicates that the device is working properly.
    When I updated the drivers for this device from the web, the popup said that the best drivers were already installed.
    I am concerned because in order to mount the Fantom drive in the HornetTek case, I had to remove a small pc board that was attached to the drive with two screws. This pc board
    was located next to the power input. It will not fit into the case. Hopefully it doesn’t contain items required for functionality.
    Thank you

  2. Bell says:

    When accidentally deleted some files from Western Digital external hard drive, a hard drive recovery software is needed to recover the data. The hard drive recovery software is very professional and useful.

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